Lower Cost

Reco Cement additives can reduce costs for Portland cement manufacturers and the ready-mix companies in the following ways:

  • Reco Cement’s additives are made primarily from recycled materials that are locally available at prices significantly lower than the price of Portland cement.
  • Using our additives also allows users to include recycled materials such as fly ash and granulated slag in their design mixes. Both materials are available at prices significantly lower than the cost of Portland cement.
  • The production of Portland cement requires high temperature kilns that consume vast quantities of expensive energy resources. Reco Cement’s additives are produced through a highly automated, low labor process that does not require energy-consuming kilns.
  • The cost of adding one ton of annual capacity to a Portland cement plant is approximately $150 to $250 per ton. While the cost of building a factory that produces Reco Cement additives is approximately only $10 to $12 per annual ton of capacity.

Portland cement factories are physically tied to their kilns, while Reco Cement’s factories are easily disassembled and moved to another location if market conditions change.