Performance Characteristics

Reco Cement’s additives are qualitatively equal or superior to the performance characteristics of Portland cement.

Reco Cement’s additives have been certified to ASTM C595 “Standard Specification for Blended Cements” by two independent laboratories. The laboratories tested Reco Cement design mixes using rapid freeze-thaw testing (ASTM C 666) and deicer scaling resistance testing (ASTM C 672) to find the following results:

  • Concrete mixtures utilizing Reco Cement’s design mixes did not require air entrainment or moist curing (only air curing), yet were as durable as the control concrete specimens they were tested against
  • Reco Cement concretes had significantly lower chloride ion permeability denser than the control concrete specimens
  • The concrete specimens containing Reco Cement’s additives had a higher compressive strength; 7,410 pounds per square inch (PSI) versus the 5,140 PSI achieved by the control specimens, and did not show any signs of reduced resistance to chemical attack

Additionally, Reco Cement’s design mixes have produced cements and concretes that are:

  • Stronger and sturdier than conventionally produced products, partially due to the elimination of thermal cracking;
  • The workability of the design mixes are comparable to those achieved by Portland cement;
  • The design mixes set faster and more efficiently due to a lower need for cooling in large pours and no need for accelerators in the hardening phase;
  • Unlike Portland cement, our design mixes do not require the use of caustic chemicals.

Reco Cement routinely achieves results in excess of 9,000 PSI, depending on the quality of the Portland cement and fly ash supplied by the client.